What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"The best pharmacy. The Walker I got from Mast Pharmacy had break problems and not safe to use. Called Mast Pharmacy and Ashvin went out of his way to help. Problem solved. My heartfelt appreciation for what Ashvin and the Mast Pharmacy did for me so I can walk around now."

"Mast is the best pharmacy for medications. The owner Jeff and his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Kudos to Jack, one of the delivery guys. He delivers meds fast and is very personable. I used to use the big pharmacies but they dont compare to Mast."

"I 've never seen any other pharmacy go above & beyond like Mast Pharmacy has for me. I have an autistic son who is very difficult without his medicines. Coming back from the Dr.'s office in Princeton, didn't make before they closed. We were about 5 minutes late. Do you know they actually opened the door for me, saw that the scripts had just been sent over, and filled them all for me while they were closed. What pharmacy does that huh!!! Take notes ACME!!! You could learn alot about loyalty , respect & how to be descent people & take care of your customers!!"

"Mast is a very friendly personable pharmacy its like being with family they are all very knowledgeble and kind people that work there. It's very clean and expedient with your prescriptions. I love the fact that the whole area is community based, very friendly and caring. There is more individual and close attention to each customer."

"I have been going to Mast pharmacy going on 5 years. The owner Jeff treats me like family as do the staff. I moved from Bordentown to Tom's River about a year and a half ago but still drive up to mast for that old school experience. Mast is a personable trip, not cold and impersonal like cvs, wallgreens, etc. highly recommended 10 stars, thanks guys!"

"Friendly, neighborly staff, good prices, great service. Nothing like the small town community pharmacy, beats those "chain stores" every time."

"Ash and Jeff have been such an asset to our family during the pandemic. They truly have gone above and beyond. Mast Pharmacy is a valuable part of Bordentown's community and I encourage you to support this local business."

You can help Mast Pharmacy & Surgical by leaving a great review on Google, Facebook, and Yelp - thank you!